3 BBQ Tools You Must Have For Great Results

Having the right BBQ tools for the job makes all the difference

As with any job, having the right BBQ tools makes it much easier to get great results. So many people love to barbecue that there are now all kinds of BBQ tools and accessories to add to the experience. We’ll review some of the most popular and useful BBQ tools.

  • BBQ Tools For Preparing Food

As any barbecue expert knows, part of the secret to success is the work you put into it before you actually start the grill. There are all kinds of BBQ tools to help you with food prep.

You can find several hand tools to help tenderize meat. These have large spikes on them and you use them to poke many holes in the meat. This allows the marinades or sauces to penetrate deeply into the meat.

Do you enjoy grilled stuffed jalapenos? If so, you need to find specialty BBQ tools such as a jalapeno corer and chile grill. These metal plates are shaped like chiles and have holes to help your pepper stand up while you stuff it. You can then place it directly on the grill.

  • BBQ Tools For Grilling

Every barbecue chef needs a long handled set of tongs, fork, and spatula. You can also find useful things like a grate lifter and a basting brush. You can also find BBQ tools that look like large hooks that are great for turning big cuts of meat.

There are all types of skewers for grilling kabobs. You can find disposable bamboo ones, reusable metal ones, or long handled metal ones with many prongs that you can cook enough for a crown on.

There are also a wide variety of thermometers for keeping track of the temperature in your grill or for the internal temperate of your meats. BBQ tools like these are very practical if you’re new to the art of grilling.

  • Specialty BBQ Tools

For those who are old masters, there are some neat BBQ tools that can provide some interesting new challenges.

Grilling baskets are great BBQ tools for cooking small items such as vegetables or shrimp. These hold the pieces inside a mesh basket so you don’t have problems with all your food falling down onto the coals. You can also get baskets for grilling whole fish.

Grilling racks allow you to cook a lot of ribs or chicken pieces at once. They hold the meat on its side, so you can fit much more on the grill at once. You can even find BBQ tools made to cook larger cuts of meat such as roasts or whole turkeys.

You can even buy woks and griddles that fit onto your grill. With the right BBQ tools who needs an oven or a stove? Check your local home supply store or barbecue specialty shop for all kinds of new BBQ tools to experiment with.

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